Quantum United Management harnesses the expertise of industry experts to deliver innovative, effective & efficient owners corporation management services and solutions to large scale residential communities.

By applying our Quantum Solution principles and detailed internal systems we ensure a consistent professional management service that results in a well presented estate, and happy and harmonious communities.

Specific services areas we focus on include:

  • Professional Financial Management & Reporting

We utilise specifically designed IT systems by Rockend, Australia’s leading Strata banker, Macquarie, and highly qualified Strata Auditors;

  • High-level Maintenance & Management of Assets

The Quantum Assist team ensures the protection and enhancement of your community asset through appropriate maintenance, a 24/7 on-call maintenance solution and an Asset Maintenance Tracking solution;

  • Close collaboration with the Developer during early project stages

We advise and assist during the various phases of development, particularly during the important phase of transition;

  • Meticulous Governance & Compliance measures

Setup & apply structured governance models for the Executive Committee and appropriate systems of management & compliance with By-laws and design guidelines.

Active, ongoing Communication to the developer, Executive Committee and importantly all owners regarding the Managers’ responsibilities and overall operation of the owners corporation.

Quantum United Management takes the hard work out of establishing and managing Owners Corporations by providing professional management services that ensure efficient, cost effective operations and maintenance solutions.