Quantum United Management’s
Owner Corporation Management Services
for the Moorookyle Community


Quantum United is pleased to be the appointed owners corporation manager for your Moorookyle community.

We work together with all owners and closely with your appointed Committee to manage the affairs of the Owners Corporation.

The Owners Corporation is a legal entity made up of all the lot owners and as such, it has certain functions and powers under the Owners Corporation Act 2006, the Owners Corporation Regulations 2007 and various other pieces of legislation. The community also has Design Guidelines and O/C Rules in place.

Our primary duties cover the following key areas:

  • Business & administration:
    Recordkeeping, insurances, financial management and reporting of owners’ funds, annual audit of the financial accounts
  • Asset Management:
    Working with the committee and owners corporation to organise to have works carried out to maintain the club to the appropriate levels including ongoing preventative maintenance essential services etc.
  • Governance and Compliance:
    Assist and support with the committee and O/C governance structures and operation as well as perform our and compliance role within the community.
  • Communication:
    maintaining ongoing communication with all owners on the activities of the community.
  • Community:
    community development and most importantly,

Below is a further detailed breakdown of the duties we perform as part of our services to the community. The delivery of these services may be impacted by any government restrictions that are put in place.

Feel free to reach out to our team if you have any questions about our services at moorookyle@quantumunited.com.au or (03) 8360-8800. Your Client Manager is Ashleigh and Saranya is the Assistant Manager.


Establish and operate a bank account in the name of the Owners Corporation or a trust account for the Owners Corporation;

Keep books of account covering all income and expenditure and assets and liabilities of the Owners Corporation;

Prepare annual financial statements of all income and expenditure and assets and liabilities of the Owners Corporation (the annual accounts);

Arrange for a taxation consultant to prepare and lodge Business Activity Statements on behalf of the Owners Corporation and accept appointment as a public officer of the Owners Corporation;

Issue notices for fees set, final fee notices and special fees levied by the Owners Corporation;

Prepare and issue periodic financial reports for each committee meeting;

Prepare and issue owner fee notices and final fee notices;

Receive and handle members owner account enquires;

Receive, process and pay all creditor invoices;

Pay invoices and insurance premiums on behalf of the Owners Corporation;

Reconciliation of bank account;

Compiling records to enable Income tax preparation;

Prepare and issue annual accounts to the appointed auditor to have them audited pursuant to legislative requirements.





Arrange insurance or renewal only with or through the authorising licensees listed, in accordance with the authority(ies) to provide insurance services listed in the agreement; unless the Manager or the Manager’s employer holds its own Australian Financial Services Licence covering the provision of the services;

Arrange a valuation of the cost of reinstatement and replacement of the building/s when requested by the Owners Corporation;

Prepare and lodge routine insurance claims with insurers/brokers;

Provide copies of all relevant insurance policies to the Owners Corporation.

Provide any other insurance services in respect of insurance products offered through the authorising licensees as listed in the Reference Schedule, or as otherwise authorised by the Australian Financial Services Licence held by the Manager, or the Manager’s employer.






Maintain roll of owners names and addresses;

Maintain the Register of the Owners Corporation;

Issue all Owners Corporation certificates in accordance with the Act and Regulations and answer reasonable enquiries;

Deal with routine inwards and outward correspondence;

Keep and supervise the use of the common seal;

Keep the records of the Owners Corporation including minutes and postal ballots.


In year two of the term Quantum will undertake community-wide engagement to assist the owner’s corporation in putting together a 3 year plan for the future.  This will include the following tasks:

  • we will compile, circulate and collate data from a survey circulated to all lot owners;
  • convene an online or in person workshop on the data from the survey;
  • compile this data from the workshop for consideration by the committee;
  • draft plan after committee consideration for tabling at the AGM








We are excited to have designed, released and continue to manage a community app for Moorookyle residents. This content will also be on a web platform.

It will incorporate features such as:

  • access to community documents,
  • surveys,
  • calendar of events,
  • News & Updates section,
  • information pages,
  • access to the Quantum Business Portal,
  • ability to pay fees online and send push notifications.


Once Club Moorookyle is operational, bookings will be able to be made within the app. This includes tennis and functions.









Quantum recognises the importance of committee members who are well supported by the Manager and who receive any further training form the manger that may assist them. To assist the committee we will prepare and convene three annual committee education online sessions with guest speakers on occasion.

Our revision at Quantum is to create vibrant and connected residential communities; communities that residents are proud to call home.

To support this within Moorookyle we will assist in planning, organising and attend two community events each year; and also sponsor $500 to the owners corporation towards community events of our choice.



Attend Annual General meetings at the Manager’s office or at a place agreed between the Owners Corporation and the Manager;

Convene, attend, submit a budget and financial statement to and record minutes of the Annual General Meeting;

Submit a report of the Manager’s activities to each Annual General Meeting;


Convene and attend up to four Owners Corporation committee meetings which may be held online

Prepare and distribute Notice/Agenda and Minutes of each Committee meeting held and convened in line with legislation



Arrange for minor (< $5,000) repairs and maintenance of Owners Corporation Property.



Provide guidance to the Owners Corporation to enable the Owners Corporation to carry out and perform its duties and functions, as set out in this Schedule.



The community has governing documents that control a standard owners are required to comply with. These are covered off within the Design Guidelines, Owners Corporation Rules that are registered at the Titles Office.

These documents place obligations on owners and occupants that they need to comply.


As part of the compliance role of our team we will ensure the following compliance duties are carried out by the Managers onsite representatives:

–     50 compliance audits each year of up to 4 hours each a week;

–     3.5 hours of compliance administrative work each week to

– review and maintain the compliance data up to date,

– initial liaison with an owner/owner’s agent on compliance matters; and

– prepare and issue initial courtesy compliance breach letter to the owner and tenant via registered mail and;

–     Reporting – prepare a monthly report for the committee on all non-compliance matters containing the following:

  • the details of open, closed and ongoing cases,
  • monthly tally of compliance matters,
  • which rule breaches have occurred and how many,
  • lot details of breach (lot number and street address),
  • status of the compliance matter, and
  • date inspections occurred

The onsite compliance inspections will audit the general amenity controls of the O/C Rules and Design Guidelines that impact the presentation of a property to the street. These areas include the following:

  • fencing controls
  • letterbox compliance
  • antennas and dishes
  • front landscaping
  • signage
  • heating and cooling unitsThe following ongoing compliance matters For clarity the following related tasks are not included as part of the management services but can be carried out by the Manager if requested and will incur additional charges as an additional service;
    • Prepare and issue Complaint Notices (pursuant to Section 152 of the Act) after the initial courtesy letter,
    • Convene and attend Dispute Resolution Grievance Meetings,
    • Prepare and issue breach Notices (pursuant to section 155 & 157 of the Act) after the initial courtesy letter,
    • Prepare and issue VCAT applications and
    • Attendance to deal, administer, manage any ongoing owner compliance matters with the O/C Rules and Design Guidelines, including liaising with owners.
    • Attend VCAT Mediations or Hearings.
      These are charged to the Owner Corporation by Quantum and recovered from the owner wherever possible.


Generally, implement the decisions and instructions of the Owners Corporation with respect to its duties and functions as set out in this clause.


Preparation, documentation, reports and attendance to quarterly Committee meetings if required held on a Monday to Thursday and the annual general meeting.




Quantum will convene and hold an annual information session that will be open to all owners either online or in person. This will allow owners to socialise with each other, meet their O/C Management team and to have the opportunity to learn more about the operation of their owners corporation.



We will also provide our online owners business portal to the community.

This portal provides owners controlled secure access 24/7 to their information this includes the ability to view and update their details, to view various documents, the ability to view their own ledger, download a statement, view the Owners Corporation Register documents, meeting minutes etc.


We will set up and administer community online surveys which are a great opportunity to gain information and feedback from the community members on matters impacting their community. This can also assist the Committee in their decision making and planning process.