With over eight years’ experience within Owners Corporation Management and a further ten years’ within the Service Industry, Sebastian understands what is important to our clients. He has a diverse knowledge of the building industry and whilst employed at a Melbourne University developed the understanding of working within a large complex organisation.

Sebastian Barbagallo has the ability to build a strong rapport with clients through his commitment and communication which is a key within large scale owners corporation management and has a systematic approach to the development of communities.

Sebastian has a thorough understanding of the Victorian Owners Corporation Legislation, this knowledge coupled with a strong work ethic and passion for the industry has enabled him to get results.

Sebastian is determined to maintain a high standard in his work and is a dedicated and hardworking member of the Quantum Team.

Away from Owners Corporation Management, he enjoys renovating, travelling, good food and wine and most of all spending quality time with family and friends.

Four random facts about Sebastian:

  1. Likes to tinker
  2. Used to run an AV business
  3. Enjoys a Cup of Team
  4. Enjoys to travel