Quantum United Management has been a leader in Owners Corporation Management since its inception in 2006. Company founder and Managing Director Michael Darby realised the need for a company that could focus on the unique needs and challenges of large scale residential communities via residential community management, and so, Quantum Management was formed to cater to this niche client base.

The result has been an Owners Corporation Management Service that offers a full suite of support systems, tailored to developing and managing large residential communities. Quantum United Management aims to provide real, sustainable value to clients by ensuring they are given the best possible advice at every turn, with careful consideration given to each community’s specific situation, goals, and budget.

With client Owners Corporations in residential communities and apartment developments throughout Victoria, Quantum United Management is committed to delivering a seamless, integrated solution that suits the needs of each individual client.

Our Services Include:

Guidance on establishing Owners Corporations.
Advice and consultation on the structure of Owners Corporations.
Effective and efficient management of Owners Corporations.
Creation of dynamic infrastructure maintenance schedules.
Assistance to clients 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week through our Quantum Assist Helpline.
Comprehensive Legal and Accounting services.