Career progression, job security, great culture, be challenged, be awesome – Join us.

Are you struggling to enjoy your current job?

Does your day drag on with no real challenge or enjoyment…?

You find yourself thinking… – Why do I feel so unhappy at work?

We understand how you might feel, and it doesn’t have to be that way.

Would you prefer a dynamic challenge in a strong sector to build a clear career path in creating vibrant and connected communities?

If your answer is yes, please keep on reading……….

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Be challenged, make a difference, enjoy your career and most of all, enjoy a great team culture – here, at Team Quantum!








Our Vision is to – ‘Create vibrant and connected communites.’



Hi I’m Michael Darby Founder of Quantum United Management and Quantum CM Solutions.

We’re an owners corporation management, consulting and, club management company based in Williams Landing, in the west of Melbourne. We specialise in the management of large scale complex residential communities that are on average 1,200 lots per project and incorporate a private members residents club.

We regularly tender for completed projects and also work with developers such as Villawood Properties, Stockland, Frasers Property Group, Development Victoria amongst others.





We’re located just off the freeway, next to the Williams Landing train station and upstairs from the Williams Landing Shopping centre.

We currently have a team of 20, a flexible work for home policy in place, enjoy our mix of cultures, training opportunities, team-building events and an in-office Bali oasis to chill or even better enjoy a mediation session.

We all commit to, are reviewed on and strongly recruit around our embraced Team Values…which are outlined below.

Our values don’t simply hang up on the wall – actually they don’t hang up on the wall at all – but we do talk about them, every week.

Stay connected with them, check-in regularly with our team to ensure they remain aligned to them and without doubt, ensure any new team member fully understands and aligns with them.




“In my one on ones with the team I’m always so pleased to hear, “the best part of working at Quantum is…. the team.”
Michael Darby – Founder

Do you feel you align with our values….?

If so, feel free to provide your details to me in confidence.

Look forward to speaking with you more about our business, pipeline of growth and your career opportunity with our team.


Team Values

  1. Communication:
    Be impeccable with your ongoing active communication with our clients and internal team members, without making assumptions. Follow up on what is promised. The customer is everything for a business. Don’t’ ever forget it – not for a moment.
  2. Education:
    Provide guidance and leadership.
    Be passionate about striving to continually educate and inform our communities; and also ourselves through continued personal development.
  3. Be Awesome:
    A happy awesome team member contributes to a great team culture and ensures the business provides a full spectrum of value to its clients.Don’t forget that value is in the eye of the beholder.
  4. Demonstrate focus and commitment:
    Embrace the mission and vision of the business every day through our commitment to our work, team members and providing services to our customers.Focus on the result, not the work.
  5. Connection:
    Be passionate about creating vibrant and connected communities.
    Do this through a commitment to creating a meaningful sense of belonging and social integration within our communities for all owners.