At Quantum United Management, our mission is about creating thriving residential communities our residents are proud to call home.

Communities who reach out to us are all experiencing problems around communication, a lack of community & a sense of belonging and, no plan for the future.

Our Quantum Management Solution has a clear focus on creating a sense of belonging & building community through such things events & activities within our communities. Our team has an absolute focus on ensuring active ongoing communication through to all of our residents through numerous tools at our disposal such as web portals, communities own mobile app, information sessions, online forums, email bulletins, SMS etc. We re also also able to run an extensive Strategic Planning session with your community reaching out to the whole community resulting in a focus 3-5 year plan for your community and importantly your Committee.

In working with Quantum our communities are truly more than just a residential estate, they are a thriving residential community.

For a FREE online discovery session about the challenges within your community with the Founder Michael Darby, simply complete this online request.

Specific services areas we focus on include:

  • Professional and transparent Financial Management & Reporting

Comprehensive reporting through to your Committee and periodic easy to understand financial summaries provided to residents;

  • Active, ongoing Communication to the community

Our key focus is active ongoing communication to the whole community to ensure all owners are aware whats going on in their owners corporation and regular updates on what the Committee and Manager are working on and achieving for your community.

  • High-level Presentation of communities

Our team works closely with the committee and onsite team and relevant contractors to ensure your community is presented that makes you feel proud to call your community home.

  • Meticulous Governance & Compliance measures

Setup & apply structured governance models for your Committee and appropriate systems of management & compliance with By-laws and design guidelines.

Quantum United Management takes the hard work out of establishing and managing Owners Corporations by providing professional management services that ensure efficient, cost effective operations and maintenance solutions.