Consultancy Services we offer

Our Consulting Solution is the initial tailored consultancy service approach that will provide you the support to plan, manage, anticipate and work through the setup of the owners corporation within your project.

It incorporates engagement and support for the development team from our consulting team, and importantly education and support for the sales team moving forward in the initial phases.

We have extensive knowledge and experience working with developers in supporting them on all owners corporation related matters.

Whether it is drafting the initial owners corporation rules in line with your expectations for the project, review and advice around the plan of subdivision, working with your legal team around structure and contracts or creating fact sheets for your sales team; the development team doesn’t need to feel overwhelmed or concerned. The development team will feel at ease and confident this side of the project is on track, allowing them to focus on other key areas of the project delivery.

This would be a wonderful way to work through and bring your project to life wouldn’t it.

When providing our consultancy services areas we can assist with include:

  • Review of the plan of subdivision;
  • Review and advice on the Owners Corporation Rules and any other governing documents;
  • Review of the common property facilities and its functionality;
  • Preparation of Owners Corporation Certificates for Contract of Sale;
  • Setting up initial budget forecasts;
  • The setup & legislative requirements for the O/C’s;
  • Community education and engagement programs;
  • Mobile App, website design, structure and operation advice;
  • Facilities Management setup and operation; and
  • Reviewing all Lease & License Agreements relating to the owners corporation operations.






We can help in several key areas:

Review of the plan of subdivision

We understand the practicalities of creating a residential community. Getting maximum return on your investment, while creating a desirable, and therefore valuable, property involves many factors. Our experience and community focus has allowed us to develop an in-depth understanding of what lot owners desire in their properties, as well as the most effective ways to navigate the relevant legislation.

Review and advice on the Owners Corporation Rules & Design Guidelines

Owners Corporations can take many different forms. Having the right one for your development can be the difference between a well-run and relaxed community, and one that is a constant source of headaches. We can help you tailor the Owners Corporation to the specific needs of the community.

Setting up initial budget forecasts

Accurately forecasting the first budget takes experience, planning, and specialist knowledge. Our specialist team understands where the major financial risks are, and how to minimise them. By planning an accurate budget, fees can be kept low, while still covering all necessary costs.

Mobile app, website design, structure and operation advice

Our Community App provides owners access to extensive information, documentation, new & updates etc about their community,  at their convenience. Importantly it allows us to send Push Notifications to owners about numerous events, maintenance alerts, meetings, activities etc in relation to their community. This provides a sense of security and comfort for residents within the communities. This extensive information will also be replicated within a web platform for owners.

The setup & legislative requirements for the O/C’s

Quantum are experts in setting up Owners Corporations. We can help you to ensure that the new entity is fully compliant with the relevant legislation, as well as make any adjustments necessary as new legal requirements occur. We pride ourselves on maintaining up to date knowledge of legislative and operation requirements that enable us to facilitate a smooth and efficient transition into a fully functioning Owners Corporation.

Community education and engagement programs

When a community is involved in the development, it opens the lines of communication. This can help address concerns before they become problems, as well as generate a sense of community spirit that appeals to many potential purchasers. Quantum are proud of our ability to engage and inform communities, and help develop a desirable lifestyle around the development.

Facilities Management setup and operation

From extensive landscaping to an extensive private residents club, Quantum can help you with advice on how to manage the development’s facilities. Our experience ensures that you won’t have unpleasant surprises that can turn a facility from an asset into a liability.

Resident Club design & operation

A good resident’s club can be a major contributor to the culture and spirit of the community, but a poor one can be a big problem. We can help you make this facility an asset that owners can enjoy, now and well into the future.

Extensive experience

With over 25 years of experience in large scale residential communities, we are confident that we can help you at every step of the process. You don’t have to take our word for it though, feel free to browse through our list of satisfied clients.

Get on board early

You cannot contact us too soon. From the moment you’ve purchased the initial block of land, we can help you avoid the potential hazards of owners corporation structures within large residential developments.

We have experience with many large scale residential communities across Victoria, and understand the most effective ways to navigate the journey from land purchase all the way through to final hand-over. Let our experienced team take some of the complications out of your property development, contact us today.

Quantum United Management takes the hard work out of establishing and managing Owners Corporations by providing professional management services that ensure efficient, cost effective operations and maintenance solutions.