Large scale residential communities all have unique challenges and requirements, and benefit from a personalised, specialist approach. Quantum United Management deals exclusively with these types of developments, and understands how to effectively manage them so that they are efficient, highly transparent, and offer an enjoyable community living experience.

Creating partnerships

Quantum is more than just another owners corporation manager, we act as a partner to help you create the community that you want to live in. Creating thriving lifestyle residential communities that people are proud to call home is a key focus of our management strategy. We work extensively with the elected Committee, lot owners, facility managers and local councils as required, to handle any situation that might arise, along with long-term planning to ensure that your investment, and the lifestyle you want, is protected for the future.

Our approach

Quantum has a unique management model that has provided long-term success and enjoyment for our communities. The core of this approach is covered by our five key principles:

1. Business: Transparent financial management and administration.

Quantum values transparency across its range of services. Financial data, administrative records and other required information is kept readily available, and easily accessible. Furthermore, we provide assistance in understanding what the data means. We explain things clearly, concisely and make certain that you know how the community is functioning, what strategies are being implemented and how they will contribute to the long-term goals.

2. Quantum Assist: Asset maintenance, protecting your investment.

Upkeep and maintenance is a vital part of property management. Ensuring that your investment is maintained properly involves looking after all parts of the development, from individual lots to large community facilities. Keeping these in good order, and having an efficient, long-term maintenance and development plan protects the value, and comfort of your property.

3. Governance & Compliance: Risk management & following legislation.

Complying with legislation is crucial for a residential community. It sets a standard for all tasks to be carried out in the proper manner, as well as ensuring maximum legal protection across all areas, while minimising the potential risk factors.

Quantum helps to create dynamic and adaptable committees by offering Committee Recruitment and Induction programs for new committee members, as well as training and education workshops for the general community.

4. Communication: Information & engagement.

Keeping you informed across all areas of the community is something that all staff at Quantum pride themselves on. We view communication as a key component of our management strategy, and keeping the community and the committee informed is one of our highest priority tasks.

At Quantum, communication travels both ways. We make certain you are informed and notified of all important information, events and projects underway, as well as listen to and value any concerns or feedback you may have.

5. Community: Enhancing communities.

The main goal of Quantum United Management is to create a vibrant community that people want to be a part of. Achieving this requires experience, dedication and a lot of consultation with the people involved to build the lifestyle that you desire. Quantum combine all these qualities to build the community that suits the needs of the people who live there, now and into the future.

Experienced approach

Because we deal exclusively with large scale residential properties, we understand the challenges they present. Our list of clients includes several high profile developments that have become highly desirable addresses for investment, and as a residence. Feel free to browse through our testimonials page to read what our clients think of our management.

The Quantum difference

By selecting Quantum as your management company, you are appointing an experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable team that will help you protect your investment, as well as create the lifestyle that you have always wanted. Contact us for further information on how we can make this happen for you.