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Loneliness effects 1 in 4 Australians.
Many Australians, especially younger Australians report anxiety about socialising. These were just some of the findings in the Australian Lonliness Report issued in November 2018.
Quantum’s vision of creating thriving residents communities throughout the world that residents are proud to call home; is all about building community and a sense of belonging. Actions that we believe can only help tackle the impact of loneliness on people.
To find out more I spoke with Susan Pinker during the UDIA Congress. Susan is a psychologist, author and social science columnist for The Wall Street Journal.
She spoke about the importance of community & social interactions that are fostered in communities. She presented data that found that the two things that will have the biggest impact on living longer are social interaction and close relationships.
Her takeaways about how to make a difference:
 – make meaningful eye contact, time for real interaction;
– a gentle touch or pat releases oxytocin ‘the cuddle chemical;’ and
 – build your own village by making time and spaces for face-toface contact
It was exciting to have confirmation of Quantum’s approach of building thriving residential communities through promoting and supporting social interactions and close relationships has on the residents of our communities.

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  • Prue says:

    Because of our interest in co-housing in our town, 12 of us (couples and singles, who happen to be aged in our sixties and seventies) have formed a group who meet monthly & who, at present, will stay in our present houses, but, like neighbours, ask each other for help of any kind. Any ideas as to how we can move closer to each other? There are no retirement villages in our country town and we would prefer, anyway, to start with our group & employ occasional cleaners, cooks & gardeners, ourselves, as a group.

    • Michael Darby says:

      Thanks for your comment and interest Prue.
      Great to hear you have such a strong desire to stay connected with your friends through your monthly meetings.
      You may wish to also look at having a regular card group, a bridge group, Mahjong is also popular. Book clubs are very popular and a great way to connect. Starting a walking group is a also great way to stay connected and increase your health at the same time as well. Hope this helps Prue.

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